Apple watch 38 vs 42 mm battery experience

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Afluffykitten, Jun 20, 2015.

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    Hello everyone!

    I thought a report in and tell you guys about my experiences having moved from a 38 mm Apple Watch to a 42 mm one, particularly in terms of battery life.

    I wore my 38 mm watch, which is a space gray sport watch, for roughly one week, charging every night. What I found was through daily use (checking texts, answering a few phone calls, checking email, general fooling around) if I took the watch off of its charger at 8 in the morning, the battery was down to about 30% by 430 that afternoon. If I tried to include any exercise, the battery would surely just die. I was running the latest firmware, and experienced this almost daily, without really changing my habits with the watch.

    A few days ago, once watches hit the Apple store, I sold my 38 mm on Kijiji and headed out to get the same watching 42 mm size. To my surprise and delight, the battery life has much improved. I had read online that the battery life for the 42 mm version was going to be better, but by how much I couldn't get a good picture, but now I do know.

    Taking the watch off the charger at 8 AM, I can get through a full days heavy use, including a half-hour workout, checking very frequently, lots of fooling around, taking and making phone calls, sending lots of texts and asking siri all sorts of things all day. Yesterday at 2am, after a very long day (19 hours), my watch was down to 20 percent when I put it on the charger. Im very happy with this, as with the 38mm I would always have to pop it on the charger just to make it to the bar that night.

    I would attribute this this to the larger battery, and while some people argue that the larger screen negates any advantages of the larger battery, I think that the larger battery actually has a very significant impact! Even though the screen is bigger, a lot of the UI elements are just slightly bigger, and doesn't the AMOLED only light up pixels it needs? I think this allows us to have a bigger display, without using all that much more power, and just having more space to display the few pixels it needs to in order to convey the information.

    All in all, its changed my phone habits and i'm very happy with gen 1 of this watch!
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    - 205 mAh, 0.75 Wh in the 38, but there seems to be nothing in terms of "official" info on the battery in the 42.

    Wikipedia says:

    Built-in rechargable Li-Po battery
    3.8 V 0.78 W·h (205 mA·h)[8]

    3.78 V 0.93 W·h (246mA·h)[citation needed]

    I can't find any other reference to the "citation needed" 42 info posted there. It could be extrapolated from other information showing a ~30% greater battery life in the 42 from other sources, but until someone does a 42 tear down, it's just speculation.

    Considering I put my watch on at 0600 today and it's at 72% at 20:17 - and rarely is it ever below 30% no matter how much I've used it over the course of my typical 18 hour days- I'm not sure it matters anyway!

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