Apple watch and chest straps


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Nov 4, 2019

the optical heart rate reader in the watch is not working well during the winter months for me, so I’ve switched to a Wahoo Tickr chest strap. This one works great, with two exceptions:
1. Running fast downhill, it shows a 160-170bpm, while in reality it should be around 120. I blame for this the wahoo as probably it cannot get a good reading due to the constant pounding.
2. from time to time it simply no longer reads the heart rate. I’m not sure if this is due to the chest strap or to the phone and the bluetooth connection being busy also with headphones and music. I’m using that same belt while biking with a garmin edge and haven’t seen any issues, but there I’m much more static.
anyone any experience on this or seen similar stuff?



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Oct 27, 2019
I use the Polar H10 and never have an issue. I synced mine with my watch and not my phone, maybe try that.

Also when putting it on I not only wet the strap but also use a wet wash cloth on my skin where the strap is going to make contact.
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