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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Alexrat1996, Nov 6, 2016.

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    I was at the movies today and my Apple vibrated when I got notification but the phone did not vibrate. When I got a call and Watch it did vibrate both also the watch did the rest of the work with notification and vibration but the phone did not is this a feature on the Apple Watch that it does ?

    Will the Apple Watch vibrate only if I'm wearing it on my wrist and the phone won't vibrate ?

    Other question my iPhone 7 drained from 100% to 87% over night with Facebook messenger then I used for a couple of minutes then 5 hrs at 46% then one hour later it was at 36% then phone is a little warm is this due to Facebook running in background and is Facebook draining my battery.I had the apple battery case on but it was dead already since it was used already
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    Yes, when your watch is connected and unlocked, any notifications will provide taptic feedback on the watch, the phone will do nothing. When you receive a call, it will vibrate both on the phone and on the watch. Been like this since the first release.

    In regard to Facebook, turn all background app refresh apps off then see.

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