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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Defender2010, Jun 2, 2016.

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    Just checking the Apple Store app, it seems a lot of the straps and models (particularly Stainless Steel) seem to be unavailable. All colours of the Classic Buckle (except Saddle Brown) are unavailable. Even a white sport band is not not in any store around London. Is this a sign of some kind of refresh? I wanted to buy a 38mm SS with Pearl Nylon as a gift for my sister, but it's 8-10 weeks to pickup or delivery. I was in a store yesterday and the sport band display was basically empty. Is it similar in the US? Wonder what's going on!
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    I do notice that several colors such as Marine Blue and Red are still available bundled if you buy the AW models, but bands sold separately in these colors are showing as currently unavailable. It seems similar to the situation with the Modern Buckle bands where they didn't make them available for purchase separately (despite being available bundled) for the longest time after debut so obviously not a new phenomenon.

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