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Feb 13, 2004
hey everyone!

A friend of mine is getting ready to kickoff a Kickstarter for protective liners for Apple Watch and other smart or regular watches. They are made of a microfiber with an adhesive on the back, customized in size for Sport bands, leather loop, etc. The liners are removable and leave no residue when taken off the band. They help absorb sweat and add a second layer between your skin and the band, protecting it and keeping your band fresh. I got to try some last year as a prototype and they work great.

Please take a look and support him if you can!


Feb 2, 2016
The problem with these liners are that ALL Apple bands are pretty much resistant to sweat. Sport band obviously. Classic Buckle has inner liner that is pretty much sweat is most leather bands. Leather Loop has been proven to be waterproof basically. I am not sure about Modern Buckle though.
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