Apple watch calories (and Strava)

Chase Lebowski

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Apr 29, 2017
I can see the calories on Strava, even though are different from the Apple Watch probably because (I hope) Strava tells me ALL the calories and the Apple Watch just the active ones.

Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Please stick with me for one second, I need to understand what's wrong and how to read these statistics in a decent way.

For example, lets look at the resting calories:
27: This is the day I activated the watch at 9 am. 1hour run, and the day spent studying at home. 1186+418 active calories from a run and something else I guess.
28:Day spent studying at home and nothing else. 1860+ 147 active calories from I don't know what.
29: Today, 40m run, you can see the time, it's just 13:58. 1098+357 from a run.

Is it possible? Lazy days but so many calories...
And I don't wear the watch during the night, so it covers those hours with 77 resting calories per hour... is it too much?

Also, having the calories data from strava is actually worse, because Strava for my run today it says 500+, which is probably both active and resting, but the activity app took this number for active only, so in the total it counts the resting ones for the run twice.

Which brings me to my second question:
With this time, pace, heart rate, km, etc... what's more plausible, 500something maybe active+resting (as Strava says), or 300something just active(as the Apple health or Activity apps say), or maybe both?

If it is so far off, this watch is totally useless to me.

Newtons Apple

Mar 12, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
It doesn't have to be perfect, but something kinda reliable even if a bit off or more. I just want to know if the numbers are THAT off...
Nothing is perfect but I use the number for comparison from one day to another. Same with steps taken, each device measures a little differently but it is great to compare the number from the same device each day.