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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by SamGabbay, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Oct 15, 2011
    A while back I wrote about my planned trip on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. Being an avid Watch user, I wondered about the WiFi setup and how it would potentially benefit/hinder my cruising experience.

    From when I posted until Day 1 of sailing, I was under the impression that the Wi-Fi here would be a captive portal network, leaving me out to dry with no possibility of Wi-Fi working on the ship. I did all my research and even emailed some Royal Caribbean Executives about my planned trip.

    The whole idea was, carry watch with me and allow me to be phone-less and enjoy an "untethered" vacation. 1 week prior to sailing I got an email back from an executive saying that they would be more than happy to help me out with my Apple Watch and sure enough when I got on the ship, the IT manager knew exactly who I was and what my situation was. He added my Apple Watch's MAC Address to his admin portal and I was on my way.

    Day 1: I had my iPhone with me. I was in the middle of the ocean and I still have AT&T Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone.

    Day 2: I went to a show and left my iPhone in my room. Still at sea with no cell service, but AT&T Wi-Fi calling remained. My Watch said "Connected" with the cloud icon so I thought t was a good sign. Sure enough, NORMAL phone calls, FaceTime audio calls, and iMessages came through to my Watch!

    So far I am very happy about how everything is setup here. Today I entered into the Belly Flop Competition and I left my phone in my room and had my Watch on me the whole day. Didn't miss anything.

    I was thinking about making a video explaining everything and demo-ing a real life use without an iPhone with AT&T Wi-Fi calling. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry for the long read.
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    I'm not sure a video is necessary, it seems well explained enough.

    The necessary bit is for Royal Caribbean to treat it less as a novelty you have to ask for, and make it more explicitly offered - perhaps some way of pre-registering the MAC addresses of your devices online before you hoed the ship so when you get onboard they'll just work...
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    Stupid question - did you have to pay for the wifi? If so, how much if you don't mind me asking.
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    I am going on a Princess Cruise in March and am also wondering about onboard WiFi costs. Seems to be pretty expensive on Princess.
  5. Rok73, Jan 18, 2016
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    Costs for Wifi can of course be different depending on the operator. It can be VERY expensive. For all those that booked a cruise ship trip: You should have kind of a FAQ section on the operator's website that answers this.

    I am traveling with a ship in a couple of weeks too and when I looked up the Wifi price my head nearly exploded: 20€/hour or 0,49€/MB.


    Link for you:

    Price for 120 minutes including 20 bonus minutes: around $74.

    No wonder it's that expensive. Internet at sea would have to be satellite based, I guess.
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    Carmel, California
    Thanks. That is what I found, so I will keep phone use down.
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    Wonder if renting a satellite wifi device would be cheaper..
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    Sep 22, 2012
    We took a cruise last summer on Carnival and they actually have decent rates. My wife bought the Social plan and the speeds were surprisingly decent as well, probably about 1Mbps.

    What this doesnt say is once you get on board the social plan was actually $5/day or $15 for the whole trip. iMessage worked in this plan as well.

    • Social ($5 USD per day) – Access the most popular websites and applications. Includes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat. Does not include access to other websites or apps.
    • Value ($16 USD per day) – Surf all your favorite sites, including e-mail, news, sports, weather, banking and finance. Note: Does not support Skype calling or music streaming (such as Spotify).
    • Premium ($25 USD per day) – From e-mail to Skype, our Premium plan promises the fastest possible connection, at speeds up to 3 times faster than our Value Plan. Supports Skype video calling, where coverage allows.

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