Apple Watch Exchange Manufacture Flaw

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by AaronG123, May 8, 2015.

  1. AaronG123 macrumors regular

    Aug 5, 2012
    Hi, I don't actively comment on the forum however I have followed it for a few years now.

    I just wonder if anyone can comment on what they would do or whether they are in a similar scenario.

    I recieved my Watch SG Sport on launch day.
    The day after whilst in sun light I noticed a small flaw in the top side of the aluminium where the glass meets the metal. It looks like the aluminium has missed the anodised, therefore there is a light silver mark on the watch. It's pretty obvious now, each time I look at it.

    With an iPhone I may not have minded as much (as its in a case etc), but being as it's a watch I called Apple for an exchange.

    Cutting a long story short, Apple will not allow me to keep the Apple Watch until a replacement watch is available to dispatch as requested. Instead my current watch is being picked up by TNT on Monday and I have just recieved an email stating that my replacement is 2-3weeks away.

    Not too happy to be without it for that long...
    I can't see why they need my watch back before they can even allocate a replacement for myself (I completely understand not dispatching it). It's apparently due to a new policy that came in, in January 2015.

    Anyone else in the same boat or managed to get the lead time shorter? I've also heard that somebody got a free watch band out of this, is this true?
  2. dilap macrumors 6502a

    Apr 18, 2014
    London, UK
    uk as well. Replacement ordered on Sunday, with 2-3 Weeks estimate. Changed from 1-2 on Wednesday, and Shipped Thursday night! Just received it now!
  3. fischersd macrumors 601


    Oct 23, 2014
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Can you guys not just add applecare and say "get stuffed, send me my replacement first"?

    Me, I think it would be well worth it. (at least, that's how applecare works over here).
  4. Itsedstech macrumors 6502a

    Jul 24, 2011
    Im from the U.S. thats what i did, screw it, its only $80 :p
  5. AaronG123 thread starter macrumors regular

    Aug 5, 2012
    @dilap That's positive if your lead time changed that quickly!

    I probably will buy Apple Care at some point. However I don't feel I should have to in order to get a product which should have been perfect from the start. Also I'm hearing those with Apple Care get a white box replacement as apposed to a fully box retail unit. If true, I'd rather get a retail box.

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