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Apr 19, 2015
Is there any way to get the calendar(s) that are showing on the Apple Watch faces to link to a different calendar? I'm using Fantastical for my calendar app & it doesn't appear that the watch face links to anything but the standard default calendar.


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Mar 16, 2009
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No, but Fantastical 2 has an Apple Watch app and shows in Glances - so it is easy to get there but it does not integrate with watch face.

I suspect that will come in time as the watch firmware goes thru revisions.


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Apr 9, 2015
Apple just announced 3rd Party complication support in watchOS 2 so soon you'll be able to have the Fantastical app generate the complication and it will also link to their app directly (i.e. bypass Apple's calendar app completely).
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Mar 21, 2011
Only got my watch yesterday, but I'm struggling the the Calender app. It seems to be stuck on "today" only and although I can zoom out to see the month, I can't click on any other days or months.... Any ideas? I'm probably just doing it wrong :)
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Oct 29, 2007
Apple iWatch calendar is a joke... It gives you a 7 day look ahead & if you want more it tells you to use your phone...

Seriously Apple, you should be able to develop better software than this... I have had my watch a few days & it looks like their software developers have never seen the simplicity of the iPhone... Almost every application requires you watch their videos over & to figure out how to use them... You have to make changes on your iPhone & iWatch to get them to work... Just to get the exercise workout to stop was a major challenge... It has a "stop" button that refuses to work so you probably have to go to the iPhone & find a stop button there... The iWatch is not ready for prime time yet.... Conceptually I love it, but in two days the honeymoon is long over...