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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by NTurner42, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Dec 25, 2010
    Lets start off with how freaking gorgeous the SS Link bands look and feel! Seriously the best watch I tried yesterday, so glad I went with the 42mm Space Black SS! Wife ended up ordering a 38mm Milanese Loop after trying on in store, absolutely top notch and feels great on the wrist. Sport Bands were what you would expect, really gives a nice snug fit that would work well for the morning runs. Didn't much care for the very plain Classic Buckle, but the Leather Loop was a nice surprise. The Leather Loop actually feels rather nice, but dose have a rather large bulge where the loop folds over which may go away with time and wear.

    Build quality of these watches are wonderful guys, I honestly felt like I had a nice piece of jewelry in my hands and not just a smartwatch. From the Sport to the Stainless Steel, every model was just solid. At first look, the watches are actually much smaller in person than I was expecting, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I have around a 200mm wrist size and the 42mm watches looked great, 38mm was pretty small for me, but looked great on the wife whose wrists come in around 170mm. The Stainless Steel with the link band was the heftiest of the bunch, but honestly not really that noticeable unless you're holding the Sport in the other hand.

    Now, these try on models were not live watches, but actually just a looped demo initiated by tapping the social button twice. Not really much to see with the demo, but when that first Taptic notification rolled around, it really blew my mind! I was expecting a mere vibration, but an actual touch to the wrist as if someone were getting my attention. They did have a stationary Apple Watch set up to demo to use apps and move around in the OS. The Digital Crown feels and responds great, very fluid scrolling and zooming, but still found myself wanting to scroll on the screen.

    TL;DR: Go try these watches out! Very impressed with what I saw and May can't get here soon enough!
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