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  1. Luke Redpath, Sep 14, 2015
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    Finally upgraded to the iOS 9 GM and updated my Apple Watch to watchOS 2.

    Spent the evening hacking around with homebridge - a software HomeKit bridge implementation[1], getting it to talk to my home automation server (Domoticz) to control my LightwaveRF lights, my Philips Hue bridge and my Nest.

    Conclusion: works OK, took a while for the Watch to even pick up any devices (slow sync of the HomeKit database maybe?), weakest link in the whole chain is Siri who seems to have got worse in iOS9 as far as voice recognition goes.

    When it does work, its pretty neat...
    Hey Siri...
    Hey Siri...(part 2)

    Couldn't get the Logitech Harmony integration working due to a bug in the code which I was unable to workaround.

    The lag is obvious...first you have the time it takes for Siri to process, then send the commands to my home server, where they are then routed on to the appropriate service and then the device.

    Apple need to keep working on Siri.


    EDIT: Re-uploaded videos to YouTube so they are the right orientation
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    Thanks for pointing out Homebridge. I have a Wink hub and would love to play around with this just for fun. I'd be interested in seeing what all can be accomplished.

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