Apple watch increases usage stats but no drain

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by metsjetsfan, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Hi all, late to the game and just picked up an AW. Using for about a week it looks like the usage stats on the phone in battery in settings increased a ton while not using the phone but there is really no noticeable drain.

    Is this usual for everyone?

    And in the battery stats if you use apps on the watch it doesnt look like you can tell what % it used. unless its filed under home and lock screen

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    You might get more info if you post this in the Apple Watch forum.

    The AW uses very little battery on the iPhone... in fact many report battery usage going down because you are using it less if using the watch. Also, keep in mind that for the first few days after getting the AW, there will be a lot of activity between the iPhone and AW as apps get loaded, updates done, etc.. After a week or so things will settle down.

    I don't think you are going to get the granularity of battery usage on the watch by app like you are expecting. I've not heard of anyone really having a AW battery problem... most just charge it every day and never have a problem.
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    In a nutshell: the biggest drain on the battery for most apps is powering the screen and driving the display. This is especially true for notifications... waking the screen and displaying a notification that you may or may not be looking at is a big battery waster.

    With the watch, you're pushing the notifications off your phone's screen and onto the screen on your wrist. The amount of energy needed to push that data to your watch is a lot less than waking up the phone's large screen, and possibly dealing with touch inputs. So, the battery on your phone last longer.

    You're probably also using less energy by not waking your phone to check notifications or look at the time. Before I had my Apple Watch, my phone was my watch, so I woke it up often to check the time. Now I don't need to... my watch is what I check now.

    Are you actually using less energy? Maybe, but probably not. You're just relying more on the battery in your watch to take some of the load off the battery in your phone.

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