Apple Watch is Dead :(

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    Late last night while wearing my watch, I noticed it was really hot, to the point of needing to take it off. When taking it off, I noticed the screen was blank and the watch was unresponsive. Battery should have been around 50% or so, so it wasn't out of battery. But nothing I did could get the watch going again. Force Restart didn't work. Putting it on the charger did nothing but make it hotter. My iPhone showed it was not connected to the watch, nothing. I chatted with Apple Watch support last night and they are having an iPhone specialist call me today(the Apple Watch support team didn't have the ability to handle his situation, apparently :confused:).

    This morning, the watch cooled down, but force restart still does nothing. Putting it on the charger does nothing. Plugging into the computer for iTunes (would this do anything anyway?) does nothing. It must be dead.

    This 38mm Silver Aluminum watch (with green band) has been babied. It has not been dropped nor has it been hit against anything. It hasn't touched water but has been exposed to my sweat when working out several times over the last few days.

    We'll see what Apple says, but I think I'm just going to return it and wait on my 42mm Space Gray that's on order.

    EDIT: Apple determined that the watch was indeed defective and/or something was definitely wrong with it. After all the trouble shooting tips they had, they couldn't not get it to show life. I had the option of returning it or getting a replacement. Since I really want a 42mm, I decided to just return the watch for a full refund and wait on my 42mm Sport SG BSB.
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    so very sad! sounds like a factory defect its good that you found it now early in the game.

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    there' will be no "....gates" to be had in this thread! ;)
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    I believe Apple expedites warranty replacements, so hopefully it's a short wait if you bring it in.
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    I'll see what the specialist says. It was my understanding that taking it to the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store won't do much since there's no store supply and it's such a new product.
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    I'd like to do a survey of the age of those who continue to use this rather obnoxious and trite expression.
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    I had a different problem but I skipped the Genius Bar (no stock) and called Apple directly, I didn't have Apple care so on the phone we added AppleCare to my watch even though it wasn't working and they overnighted a replacement that will be here tomorrow.
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    awesome, good to hear. well, the watch comes with 1 year AppleCare (just not coverage for accidental damage), so I'm not worried about that aspect. But good to know they got you a replacement so quickly. I'm going to see if they can expedite my 42mm Space Gray order since that's the one I want to go with. After using the 38mm for a few days, I do think I want the 42mm.
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    I've read somewhere in this forum about the red explanation point of death on apple watch. He has a pic of that in the thread. Apple replaced it immediately.
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    If that is what you would like to do, then you should do it.
    Why announce that you would like to do something and not do it? That is odd.

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    I'm 41.
    Smile. :)
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    This happened to me today. Didn't get hot but was warmer than normal. Looked down and my 42mm sport watch was dead. I went through the elimination process and cord and charger or not a problem. Spoke with Apple and I have to take it in this week. I suspect it will have to be replaced. Ugh!
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    Can that be a rule for all threads on all forums?

    Oh and the same should be the case for adding "-oholic" to anything anyone has an addiction to. FFS.

    But, could it be said that someone who has a compulsion to add gate to anything is a gateoholic? Or perhaps we could just call it an oholicgate?
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    Start at 3, or maybe 4...
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    :) and any phrase that includes a whine followed by "first world problem".

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