Apple Watch is the ONLY Apple product with actual generation numbers!

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by 16BitArcadeGraphics, May 17, 2019.

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    all of apple's products are just that. products with a name. i just realized apple watch is the only item that has an actual generation number. it's always the new ipad, or the new macbook pro, or imac and nothing else.

    yes i know iphone has numbers but where is iphone 9? and what is the fake generation with the s models? iphone 6s and then was there even an iphone 8s? i know there is no iphone 9, it just went right to x instead of actually 9.

    let's hope the watch line does not get convoluted with some number skips or additional "cool" tags after a number. by cool, i mean like a letter s or something. i HATED this stupid fad like with acura integra Type R or something. even mega man copied this in video games by having a rating of S or R in some of its games (mega man x4 on playstation and saturn).
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    Generation number?

    Ok. Personally I don’t care. And the main reason why there is no iPhone 9 is because of that 10th anniversary. Apple marketing team can always find another new name that differentiate each product somehow.
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    I have always considered the generation based on the chipset, not what name they're marketed under. For example the iPhone 7/plus are the 10th generation iPhones having the A10, the 8/plus and X are the 11th generation iPhones having the A11 and so on. Internally they are classified as something like "iPhone 7,1" for example (which is the iPhone 6 plus) this is one number behind the chipset generation as both the original iPhone and the 3G were "iPhone 1,x" as they used the same chipset. So the iPhone 7/ plus in this format are "iPhone 9,1 and 9,2" not 10,1 and so on.
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    The Apple Watch doesn't fit this exactly either.

    The 1st Generation of the Apple watch is different than the series 1 which is actually the second generation.
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    I understand wanting to keep things simple, and I like alphanumeric car names, but I don't think that trim names are used for a cool factor (in most cases). I think it is just to differentiate the various trims of a car.

    Although, if you are referring to tagging, badging, or labeling products, I agree with you. When it comes to cars (and most other products), I prefer the badge-less look anyways.
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    Origiinally, the "s" in the iPhone model names stood for something.

    The 3GS - the "s" was for speed
    The 4s - the "s" was for Siri
    The 5s - the "s" was for security ....although, I am not sure if this was ever said by anyone from Apple

    For me, I always considered the non-"s" model to be the redesigned model that the biggest feature was just the redesign itself, and the "s" model to be improved model with added features and corrections to any design flaws that came about from the redesign.

    Of course, this all ended with the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8. To me, they were just iPhone 6, 6s, 6ss, and 6s^3.

    There is not an iPhone 8s.
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    as a common consumer, i consider each commercial release in september a generation/series. the same thing.
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    it not only skipped a number but went from iphone 8 to x. arabic to roman numeral lettering. apple is all over the place. the worst though is the huge number of random iterations of the ipad line. that is a nightmare.
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    Where would you fit the Series 1?

    Would you consider it a first generation due to it looking like the Original?


    Would you consider it a second generation due to it coming out with the Series 2, and having different internals than the Original?

    I think it makes sense to consider it second generation along with Series 2 due to the release date and new internals.

    But then it wouldn't line up with the generation number. Every Apple Watch since has though, at least so far.....
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    Apple Watch doesn't fit that perfectly either.

    Gen 1 - Series 0
    Gen 2 - Series 1 & Series 2
    Gen 3 - Series 3
    Gen 4 - Series 4
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    Aside from the strange naming shceme they did with series 1, I would agree with your assessment.

    iPhone had a few names that lined up with generation too. If You ask me, the iPhone nomeclature is just bonkers. It used to be a hotly debated topic around here when guessing the next iPhone name. People have just accepted the nonsense by now, it seems.
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