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Apr 12, 2001

Mobile security company Lookout released an app yesterday that alerts Apple Watch users if they are about to leave their iPhone behind.

The iOS and Apple Watch app uses the Bluetooth connection of an Apple Watch to keep tabs on a user's iPhone location, so that if the wearer steps out of range of their phone, the app automatically buzzes their watch.


Lookout can also make an iPhone in silent mode emit a loud alarm or "scream" to help the owner find the device, even if it is out of Bluetooth range, by way of a local Wi-Fi connection.

If an iPhone has been misplaced but is within Bluetooth range, the user can consult Lookout's distance meter display that shows how far away they are from the device. As they move around, the bar changes color to indicate if they're getting "warmer" or "colder" in relation to the phone's location.

If an iPhone has been left a greater distance away, the app displays a map showing the device's last known location using its GPS signal (note that continuous use of this feature is likely to significantly impact iPhone battery life). The facility is similar to that found in Apple's Find My iPhone app, although Apple has yet to release an app for Apple Watch from which to use the location service.

Lookout for iPhone is available for free on the App Store. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Apple Watch 'Lookout' App Helps Users Find a Misplaced iPhone


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Jul 22, 2008
Useful app as I sometimes tend to forget to bring my iphone with me. Will wait for user feedback before installing.

Phil A.

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Apr 2, 2006
Shropshire, UK
It's an interesting idea but from my testing it's a complete waste of time - the meter went from "Right Next to You" to Out Of Range when I walked away from my phone with nothing in between and no alerts.

Why do companies release software that clearly doesn't work as advertised??
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Jun 10, 2013
Uphill from Downtown
Phil A above is correct or at least that is my similar experience. It works but not as advertised and definitely not as a "tether" that cautions you that you are walking away from your phone. But the app is free and I suppose will be improved. Love the concept of the app just not the execution.


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Feb 15, 2008
I can't believe that Apple didn't include this functionality with the watch.
It even has a photos app.

I really hope that Apple will integrate Find My Device in Watch OS3

Perhaps the poor reviews of this app are proof of why?

At a guess I'd say the Bluetooth radio inside isn't consistent enough for this sort of function to work well on this watch, hence Apple hasn't added the feature.
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Mar 25, 2009
Why not just use the glance that's built into the watch to find your phone?

Just go to the Settings glance and it allows you to play the sonar sound even if the phone is on silent. Or if you press and hold the ping button on the glance it makes the flash pulsate.

How to locate your iPhone with Apple Watch
Step 1: Press the Digital Crown until you’re at the watch face
Step 2: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the glances interface
Step 3: Swipe left or right until you locate the Settings glance
Step 4: Tap the ping button to ping your iPhone and your iPhone should emit a high pitched sound

Make the LED flash light up when pinging your iPhone
You can make your iPhone’s LED flash light up when pinging your iPhone from your Apple Watch. To do this, tap and hold the ping button on the Settings glance instead of just tapping it.
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Nov 13, 2011
I need a reliable app similar to this which alerts me if I leave my office MacBook Pro at home when leaving for work.
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Jun 8, 2012
My Garmin 235 does that Bluetooth make it make a noise thing too. The functionality is baked into the watches OS. Again why doesnt Apple Watch do this natively too?


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Jun 22, 2009
I really have no idea why this isn't baked into WatchOS. Perhaps it's coming soon. But this, to me, is like leaving out cut/paste on the first iPhone.
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May 4, 2009
I can't believe that Apple didn't include this functionality with the watch.
It even has a photos app.

I really hope that Apple will integrate Find My Device in Watch OS3
I said this only 2-3weeks ago. I think that potentially it doesnt initially need the gradiated approach where it warns of distance increasing but a vibrate when the phone loses connection would be ideal.
While we're on about it I want to be able to see my phone signal strength via my watch. Is there an app for that?


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Jan 6, 2010

It would have been nice, when the article was written, if the author had taken a careful look at what is supposed to pass as their "Privacy Policy" and look closely as well to what data the app is gathering or attempts to gather such as all your Contacts. Why on earth did the developer feel the need to add in Contact backup? Apple does this locally and via iCloud for free!

BTW has anyone looked at how you are to restore from their "backup" service?

Seriously? This is the sort of thing you provide users when you really have no intention of the gathering of contact data to be used as a "back-up". It's a non-starter when compared to iCloud so WHY did the developer even bother?

Why does an app that is supposed to warn when you walk away from your phone need GPS location data? It shouldn't! All it needs to know is that the Watch has lost communication with the phone locally. No GPS needed.

Their "terms and conditions" are also an interesting read! I would love to see bloggers dive deeper into what data these apps are collecting and why. How is this data being stored and how is it being used, shared, or combined with other 3rd party data.

Why doesn't the "tech press" take privacy seriously?
I was going to say the same about my $49 Martian :)

tethering. How is this not built into iOS?

Because Apple has decided for technical or other reasons to not yet implement it? This app is a great example of why perhaps Apple has held off?
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Oct 29, 2015
I cannot get it to work on my watch just tells me to register on my iPhone which I already did.
I found that I had to go to the Settings inside of Lookout on the phone and turn on the Enable Notifications under Apple Watch - it was turned off by default after installing. After that, this message went away. I've only tested it a little bit, but seems to work for me. Once I get out of range, my watch starts pinging me telling me I'm out of range. It's not variable - e.g. doesn't give you a warning if you're about to go out of range, but sure nicer than getting all the way home only to realize I left my phone charging on my desk at work...


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Oct 12, 2011
I tested it for over 5 hours. I did see a increase on battery usage (actually 7% on the last 24 hours). I did not work, I try to tweak it a little bit according to the instructions but it simply does not work.


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Dec 30, 2010
I would have thought this would be a built in function. My wife leaves her phone at home all the time. Drives me nuts. Sure would be great if it worked.
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