Apple Watch not getting alerts/notifications and etc?


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Aug 14, 2007
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MacRumors should probably create a sub-forum for Apple Watch troubleshooting/tips just like iPhone, just a suggestion.

Anyway, just got my AW and it's cool but having trouble understanding how the alerts and notifications work, not sure if my AW is faulty or just buggy. First just to let you know, all my settings on AW has the "Mirror my iPhone" settings basically. And so when I get a phone call on my iPhone, usually my AW will also get the phone call at the same time which is fine but sometimes even when I get phone calls on my iPhone, there's nothing showing on my AW. Just sitting on my work desk and everything is in range and so I'm not sure why. Does it have to do to the fact that I'm listening to music or watching videos on my iPhone? Does my iPhone has to be locked and not being used?

Same thing with my iMessages, on my iPhone I have my alert and notification using the 'Alert' style notification (not sure if this has anything to do on how the AW should notify me?) and so when i get an iMessage, it will pop up on my iPhone and in my AW, sometimes the iMessage will pop up as well but sometimes nothing. Same thing with my emails especially my VIP emails, i have it set up to alert and notify me using the alert style in my iPhone and on my AW not once did I ever see a VIP email pop up on my AW when it pops up on my iPhone. The same thing with my third part apps, sometimes it will show on my AW as well but other times it won't.

And so are there some kind of exception the rule or guidelines when it comes to AW notifications and alerts? Should I change my AW settings to "Custom" instead of "Mirror my iPhone"? Please advise. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Apr 21, 2015
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If you're on your phone the phone will ring and get notifications. If your phone is locked, the watch will instead.
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