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    I have been living with the Apple Watch Sport since it arrived on the 13th of May and I have some feedback for those of you who are thinking about it. First and foremost, this is the best watch I have ever owned. This watch keeps time absolutely accurately (when you think about it, why wouldn’t it), though I never owned a Rolex, I do have a Tag and a Citizen Eco-Drive (recently broken) and I can tell you that this watch keeps time better and this version of the watch costs less money than either of those, heck the SS version cost less than the Tag and is about equal to the citizen.
    The notifications are very useful, I get a text and I can respond quickly without disrupting my day too much. Too often my phone sucks me in after checking a text so I check social networking or whatever, the watch keeps much of that behavior at bay. On the iPhone, notifications are something that I just never used because I had the little red tags to tell me if something is new. Notifications can definitely drive you crazy so make sure you adjust what you want to be notified of and what you don’t want to be notified of.
    I like I can see what the temperature is outside without opening an app. I miss this from my Android phone and it definitely nice to have again. There is a lot of information on the watch screen that is presented in a unique readable way. More on that.
    For the workout app, for guy like me who isn’t any sort of athlete the app is perfect. Seeing what I call the ring of laziness has motivated me to at least take a walk or get the gym and do cardio on days when I wanted to just not do anything. I would remind those with more serious needs you can pair this with a chest strap which should make your heart rate count a bit more accurate. I can see on the main screen I use (modular) how far I have gone for the day. I am a person who would rather walk to a co-workers desk than IM so the stand app really doesn’t come too in handy for me.
    The watch is comfortable to wear daily and I have no problems with the Florastomer band it looks great on my wrist. The one issue I have with it is that the watch is instantly recognizable as an Apple watch and that does give me some concern especially with the band that I am wearing (white). The charge on the watch lasts pretty much all day, it gets low at night but still holds power after midnight.
    The watch is basically a triage for your iPhone. Instead of turning on your phone, you can just look on the watch and see if it is something that you want to respond to now or put off until later. That does provide some value for me. I have yet to make a phone call with the watch, but I definitely love screening calls with it. I can dismiss a call easily on the watch and that had also proven handy, especially when I am away from my phone. The watch apps are laggy but I pretty much don’t really care. It is a few seconds which doesn’t bother me. I am sure with software updates, this will improve.
    Now the big question will I keep it? I definitely want to keep it, but is it worth $399 is the question I am still answering. My Citizen is broken and would cost $300 to repair, an investment I am unwilling to make. I wouldn’t purchase another expensive watch other than an Apple Watch. For me, the question is do I keep the Sport for now then get the stainless I actually want in a couple of years? I had toyed with the idea of doing the stainless now but this is definitely an Apple 1.0 product and while I am happy for those who took the stainless, it doesn’t make sense for me. I have a few more days to play with the watch and decide if it is a keeper, but like many of you I am a gadget guy so I will likely keep this one, but not positive. I know this is short but hopefully this will help some of you on the fence.
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