Apple Watch Overheat Behavior?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Exile714, Jun 27, 2015.

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    Jan 14, 2015
    So, my Watch (42SS) had a bad day today. I took it out on a bike ride, tracking of course, in 90-95 degree heat. About 90 minutes in, I stopped for a water break and paused the workout. 5 minutes later, I went to resume and that's when my watch started acting oddly.

    The first thing I noticed was that the screen wouldn't stay lit. It would come on for half a second then turn off. Touching the screen could not prevent this behavior, but on the watch face rolling the digital crown back and forth allowed me to keep it on.

    The second thing I noticed: force touch would not work, even in the half second the screen was on.

    Third: The touchscreen worked, but not consistently.

    I could not resume the workout, so I took of the watch. The heart rate sensor would not turn off, and kept shining the green light even though it was removed (not sure this is relevant, but it's something I didn't expect). I held both buttons to reset the watch, and it turned off as expected. However, the watch would not turn back on despite pressing the lower button.

    I had no choice but to start biking again. After about 10 minutes of wind and shade, I noticed the watch had resumed functioning normally.

    Anyone else have this happen? I've seen threads theorizing overheating, but none where it actually happened to someone. Ideas? (FYI, watch is functioning well again, 6 hours later)
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    I would think that an Apple Watch would have the same overheating-protection feature that iPhones have. It should enter a non-responsive "temperature mode" in which it would remain until it cools down. Not sure if your watch didn't enter that mode, or if you were having other issues.


    EDIT: In fact, here is the operating temperature page from Apple: It should indeed enter a "temperature warning" mode if it is too hot. But otherwise, the symptoms it mentions are not the ones you say you were experiencing. Could be you have other technical problems with your watch? Or maybe it was a fluke?

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