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Apple Watch Remote Pairing


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Apr 19, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
Has anyone been able to successfully pair Apple Watch with Apple TV? I go through the number pairing process, click Done on the Apple TV... then I see the link icon with Apple Watch (on the AppleTV).

But I don't see anything on my watch... just "Add Device" and my MacBook Pro iTunes library (which seems to work fine).

I've tried the Remote app on both my iPhone 6+ and Apple Watch and neither works except for my iTunes library on my computer. Both "pair" fine to where I see it named and linked on the AppleTV but neither work.

Am I doing something wrong or does this just not work?


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Jan 12, 2010
It works fine for me. I found it automatically with no need to actually "pair". Make sure you are on the same wifi network with your phone, watch, and ATV. It also works with the ATV on Ethernet.


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Feb 15, 2008
It's enabled. Hmm...

it took me about 6 attempts to actually pair the watch with the apple tv. it was like the apple tv forgot what it was doing each time before the apple watch finished. it works now, though.

do you use a different apple id for home sharing to your main icloud (find my iphone etc.) apple id? I do, and found I had to pair it manually whereas everyone else seems to have it just work (although it works and always worked fine through home sharing on my iphone, so maybe your situation is different).


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Apr 24, 2015
Lancs, UK
Which generation ATV are you attempting to pair with?

I have both a Gen 2 and Gen 3 device. The Gen 2 device 'just worked', via home sharing. The Gen 3 device is less responsive in general (including being less responsive to the Remote app on my iPhone) and I had to manually pair it with my ATV3. It does work consistently, however.

I would suggest a factory reset for your ATV then making sure it is running the latest software, before attempting to use the remote again.
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