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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by thedoc46, Sep 30, 2017.

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    Sep 22, 2015
    So i had i guess you could call it a series 0, launch day as when the 1st Apple watch came out in 2015 SS Sapphire . The screen lifted from a swollen battery, so i sent it into Apple for repair. They kindly replaced it free of charge, and according to the repair status, it says they're returning a "Apple Watch Stainless Steel 42mm (1st Gen)"

    How do i know if i'm getting an original launch day single core, versus what is known as a series 1 'dual core' what numbers differentiate the single core versions to the dual core versions ?

    I won't get the watch til Mon, but whatever i get, i'll be happy. I was about to ditch Apple as the watch was the only thing holding me to them. I badly wanted an excuse to preorder the new LG V30, cos im a little upset at the cost of the iPhone X. Besides i want the wide angle over the telephoto. Anyway getting off topic here.

    Simply put, how do i know what version Apple has replaced my original launch day watch with.
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    1) The Series 1 dual core didn’t come in stainless steel.

    2) The return states “1st Gen” so it will be the original 2015 Apple Watch.

    3) Once it arrives, to double check:
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    Series 1 say SERIES 1 on back of watch and as mentioned are aluminum only.
    If you’d had an aluminum you probably would have gotten a Series 1 as a replacement. But since you had SS, they gave you the same version you had.
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    You could also take the serial number off the back of the Apple Watch and verify it with Apple directly over the phone as well.
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    Hmm says model NJ3U2LL/A

    **edit, i pressed the screen and it switched to A1554.... 1st Generation it is.

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