Apple Watch S4 & Bluetooth 5.0

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Aug 27, 2011
Hello all!

I noticed that the S4 has Bluetooth 5.0. Coming from and iPhone X and S3 will I see any differences? What about with the AirPods?



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Sep 17, 2012
Range is about the same in the real world. Speed is faster. Airpods are bt 4.2


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Jun 30, 2007
What is the range? 2 meters? anyone can let us know what the distance is?
BT range is always relative and anecdotal to the situation. For it to be limited to only 2M you would need a lot metal between you and iPhone (steel frame building). Most times will range in the 10M to 20M and outside unobstructed line of site can extend even farther.


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Sep 17, 2012
In my house, which has drywalls, some are foil lined for insulation I get around 10m before it stops working.

How far you get totally depends on whats between the devices. In our house our cooker has a giant, metal panel on the wall for splash guarding. PRoblem is this totally stops all wireless signals. We have metal lined drywalls as well. We also have brick. It can go 10m on the same floor but cant seem to do from one floor to the next (wood).

Also depends on the way your devices are sitting as to how the signal beams around. Signal antenna tend to work in a donut sort of shape.

But read the marketing material and they will always quote you the maximum range when unobstructed.
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