Apple Watch - Selecting Calendars


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May 4, 2015
Denver, CO

I have had my Apple Watch for five days now and love it so far. I do have a question about calendars. (I tired searching Google and the forums here, but could not find an answer).

I have several iCloud calendars. However, there are only a few that I really want to see on my watch. Is anybody aware of a means to show only certain calendars on the watch? I've search around and I haven't found a way, so I'm guessing there isn't. But perhaps I just missed it! :cool:

Thanks in advance!


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Apr 25, 2015
If you untick them on your phone they won't display on your watch either.

I appreciate this isn't a solution if you want them on your phone but not your watch, but unfortunately as the reply above says, if that's the case there's no way of doing that.
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