Apple Watch Series 2 Ghost Touch Apple Care saga

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by apb87, Apr 25, 2018.

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    Apr 26, 2010
    So around two weeks ago, my Series 2 started behaving erratically at random times, the screen would zoom in or out, Siri would randomly activate, random apps would open, etc.

    Phone Support #1 - ~30m
    Finally got tired of the issue, called in and performed the suggest steps of resetting the watch, and the issue persisted. It was then suggested that I take it in store to initiate the repair process.

    Store Visit #1 - ~2.5h
    I took it into an Apple Store where I spent a good two hours sitting on a wooden box, where they were able to see and confirm the issue. We then needed to unpair and wipe it (again) to confirm it wasn't software related. Took another 20ish minutes for that process, and sure enough the issue persisted. They documented seeing the behavior and I was told it needed to be sent to the depot for repair.

    Two business days later, I saw an update on my service status that said the depot could not replicate the issue, no repairs were done, and the original unit was being shipped back to the store.

    Store Visit #2 - ~1h
    Opened original returned product, re-synced it, and the Genius Bar technician was immediately able to see the persisting issue. They literally sent back the same watch, which now didn't even have a functional digital crown. (Even took a video in store). Unfortunately, store had no replacement units, so only option was to ship it back to the depot (again) in hopes that they would repair it this time.

    Phone Support #2
    Expressed my concern about sending it in for the same issue a second time, asked to be escalated to customer relations, and was eventually set up with Express Replacement Service. This service sends a replacement unit (at no cost) under apple care coverage, under the condition that the original device is shipped back and received within 10 days.

    TL;DR - If your Apple Watch has this issue (or any other non-obvious issue), and you are covered by AppleCare+ request this express replacement option and skip the trial-and-error evaluation at a store. I wish I was told about this during the original call, but have had a few other phone and mac-related AppleCare+ that were resolved while I was in store (either via on-site repair, or swap).

    It's sad that people have a smoother repair/replacement process with a broken or smashed product than one with functional issues, but maybe I just got unlucky with whoever evaluated it at the Depot.
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    Feb 19, 2016
    Wow, I am just going through the same thing now. I’m glad yours is fixed now.
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    Aug 18, 2013
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    I just bought an apple watch series 3 (1 week ago) and this just started happening. Is this a common problem? I reset and completely wiped everything and didn't restore from a backup and it still occuring. Sigh.

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