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    When you take a look at Wikipedia data, there is info, that Series 3 processor is 70% faster than Series 2. I'm wondering where that statistics came from? I watched on YouTube introduction of Apple Watch Series 3 and they only said, that CPU Is 70% faster, but compare to what? Original Apple Watch or Apple Watch Series 2?

    It's logic to compare it to previous generation, but on the other hand, Apple used to compare their products to original models some times. They did it with some generations of iPad and iPhone. At Apple website there is no such information at compare models chart...

    If they compared it to Series 2, then it's a HUGE boost (70% compared to Series 2, and 255% compared to Original Apple Watch), but if they compared it to Original Apple Watch, then it's not such big improvement (70% to Original Apple Watch and ~12% to Series 2)

    Can someone confirm it with reliable data?
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    Its doubtful anyone here can actually confirm the Apple Watch processor is 70% faster. If you watch the actual keynote, Jeff Williams specifically does comment on the Apple Watch Series 3 being 70% _faster_ with the dual core processor. If You’re seeking reliable data, your really only option would be able to know that through benchmark tests, but then again, I believe its fairly evident Apple Would not say something that would be considered untrue in front of millions of viewers, which the speed is apparent even more so over the Series 2 Apple Watch in comparison to start up speed, application loads, considerable less stutter and with the faster dual core processor, it also gives Siri an audible voice. Undoubtedly its accurate, but again, benchmark tests are the only way to prove that.

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