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I hope someone can answer this because it's got me puzzled. Just this week I had to un-pair and re-pair my Apple Watch 3 to upgrade to watchOS 7 then update to watchOS 7.0.1
On each occasion despite having the bare minimum of apps and removing all third party complications I could not achieve the 2.4GB of free storage required.
This is what puzzles me, according the the Apple web site the Series 3 non LTE (GPS Only) version has 8GB of total storage but when I view storage in the iPhone Watch app it states"Capacity" as 4.2GB and currently 2.2GB free.
Obviously some of the storage is taken up with the OS but if so why doesn't it say that? The iPhone, iPad, my MBP all state total storage and available storage out of the total like; 500Gb Flash Storage, 224GB free.
If it has 8Gb then 3.8GB is being used by the OS and "Capacity" refers to what's left, of which 2.2GB is free. Does that seem right?
That makes it almost impossible to update where the watch has to download the new OS before erasing the old version.
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Jan 26, 2014
Horsens, Denmark
There’s a chance that the Series 3 they sell now comes with 8GB standard, but the Series 3 did not at launch - I haven’t looked into that. However, I will say this - most of the time apps take up very little space compared to media, like podcasts, audiobooks, music and the like


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Yes, agreed. I also discovered that the default setting for Music on the watch is to load up to 2GB of "recently played" music, I switched that off when I noticed by accident that my free storage had dropped to 860Mb.
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