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Aug 5, 2021
Hi everyone,

While I have had the iPhone for years, I will be getting my first Apple Watch when the S7 comes out. I have always been a mechanical watch guy and would do my research months in advance before getting the watch. I know we do not have any details on the colour and material options for the S7, however I am just guessing Apple will likely continue to use the graphite coating for the darker S7 steel model, as introduced in S6. However, does it hold up over time like the space black finishes over time? Early adopters would have had it for over 10 months now. And no I do not intend to buy the Milanese loop, I like the look of the S6 with saddle brown leather link (though we'll see what new options are available with S7).

So is it more prone to micro-scratches than the space black finishes?

On a side note, would you get the space black titanium (assuming we still have the option) over graphite ss? And is the titanium really that similar looking to aluminium?



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Jul 13, 2010
I have owned my series 6 in that color in SS and it’s been fine no scratches on the case or the glass and I don’t exactly worry what it has or hasn’t hit. Not that I’ve hit anything on my wrist that would shatter the glass but I have bumped it a few times.
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Nov 8, 2017
New York
Graphite SS uses the same DLC as Space Black SS did so durability properties should be similar. That said, I had the S5 SBSS and now the S6 in SBTi. The case on both scratched for me. On the SS, I knocked it into the locking mechanism of a locker and the Ti when I ran across a rock while digging a trench in my backyard. My Ti screen also scratched when I ran it across the stainless steel handle of my oven. It actually looks more like a material transfer that I can’t rub out. It appears metallic and has no depth. I suppose it all depends on how careful you are and what activities you plan on doing with it.

As for micro scratches, you’ll only typically see that with the bare SS model since it’s not coated. Not sure about gold since that has a different coating. Regardless, the micro scratches wipe away easy with a buffing cloth. I haven’t any micro scratches on either the S5 or S6.

As for the Ti looking like aluminum, I personally don’t think so. It’s got a brushed finish and a little satin sheen to it. My Al S4 was dull and flat. Besides, I picked the Ti this time for the properties that come with Ti. Durable, lightweight and sapphire glass. I don’t give a rat’s anus if other people think I’m wearing an Al model lol. I only wonder what my Al would’ve looked like if it went through the same hits as my SS and Ti did.
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