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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Tzuten, Jan 26, 2016.

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    I'm having all kinds of issues with the watch staying in sync with my phone. Is this a limitation with the watch to preserve battery life? Here are the issues I have with the watch, perhaps I can get some recommendations on how to fix or if this is just "working as intended". Watch is updated to the latest OS.

    DarkSky - My complication will tell me one temp on the watch face.. When I go into the app on the watch, it will tell me another temp. When I go on the phone, it also provides a different temp. If the app is already loaded into memory on the watch, it never seems to update.

    Mousewait - A native Watch app that provides crowdsourced data on wait times for Disney attractions. The watch data for wait times and crowd index never aligns with the app on the phone. It's usually "updated" hours before the the iPhone and won't refresh when I open the app on the watch. Seems to sync at different intervals, which makes the app useless on the Watch as it needs to be timely.

    Airplane Mode - When I toggle it on the Phone it will toggle on the watch. When I toggle it off the phone, the watch stays in airplane mode until I manually toggle it off.

    Facebook Messenger - Doesn't send notifications to the watch, despite it being turned on the phone. Also the data on the watch again is never updated until I load the app where it then downloads the messages to the watch. New messages are not loaded on the fly as they are on the phone. Intended? If so, again, not totally useless, but substantially crippled.

    Really only the stock Apple apps are working in a way that I feel they should (timely updates, data that is on parity with the phone, etc).

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    As far as the Apps I cant help you (sorry). For airplane mode you can you into the watch app and click on airplane mode. From there you will see a toggle to either mirror from the iPhone or not. (If iPhone is on Airplane mode, Watch is...etc vice versa).
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    Have you tried to unpair and re-pair the watch to your phone by chance? It shouldn't be that out of sync.
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    if the watch is in airplane mode, the radios are off.
    There's no way for the phone to talk to the watch, to tell it to turn off airplane mode.

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