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Original poster
Jan 24, 2008
For those who are noticing that the siren sound is very soft on their AWU, are you perhapsrunning watchOS 9.1 b3?
If yes, your watch is NOT defective. It is just a bug in beta 3 and should be fixed in the next version.
Also, you have no right to be upset about this. You chose to run a beta OS so you should be prepared to live with the consequences :p.

Also, make sure to report all beta bugs to Apple!!
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Nov 15, 2020
Yeah...I made an appointment at the Genius Bar for later today...guess I better cancel it as I am on the Beta Watch OS as well.
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Sep 13, 2016
Interesting. Not running the beta, but release version 9.0.1. some of us are noticing a not very loud siren. I was hoping this might be a software bug. If something similar is present in the beta and going to be addressed, it gives me hope that the release version might be fixed, too.

I did call tech support on this and was told to send the Ultra in for a repair. I chose not to.
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