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    I accidentally ran into some interesting Apple Watch learnings that could apply to setting up a new iPhone. The following is my experience after doing a restore on my current IPhone 6+ so I could unlock it. This is from my experience, there could be a better way.

    1. Unpair your watch which will create a backup on your phone. Give it time.

    2. Create a backup with Encryption using iTunes - preferably with your iPhone in Airplane mode to keep the backup clean. This will include passwords and Health data.
    If you have done that already, make sure you know your password - in the previous iTunes setup, it was NOT saved to keychain, so you'll have to remember it vs. looking up in Keychain. Yet my mac remembered it so I could backup without knowing it, I just couldn't restore.

    If you forgot your password, just turn off encryption then set it again and you can set another password. If you recently set your password, it will be in keychain. Note the password is associated with the specific backup, so if you forget your password, that backup isn't usable. Luckily, I finally got mine right.

    3. Do your restore to new iPhone. If you restore, and your backup fails as corrupt, there is a mac/windows app you can buy called Decipher that successfully cleaned up my backup which finally restored cleanly.
    BUT First try to restart your mac & iPhone and put it in airplane mode. That didn't help me though.
    There's a free trial, I'm not sure if you can restore without a license though - I could't figure out how anyway although it might be that it just doesn't tell you how to do it unless you pay. It creates a new backup file with the name Decipher - you use that when you do the iPhone restore.

    4. Pair your Watch, then answer prompts on watch and iPhone. One will be to restore from backup. This takes a little time.


    For AT&T users - if you paid off your NEXT, you can request an unlock. I had to do this several times and finally chat got it through - I kept getting denials that I was under contract when my account clearly showed it paid off. Once they approve it, a day later you will need to backup your phone, do a restore then restore from backup. The restore (button at the top section above the backup restore, will tell you that your phone is now unlocked. You need to do this while you still have an active SIM card... I think. So you'll want to plan ahead. I did try someone else's non AT&T sim just to be sure.

    Now I just need my iPhone 6s+!

    Updated 9/21
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    I am wondering if there is a way to back up just your health data and bring it to a new phone. When I get a new phone I like to set it up as new, but really don't want to loose all of my health tracking I have done so far!
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    I agree with you. I like to set up my new iPhone as "new," but I wish I could just keep my Health Data. When you get a new phone and set it up as new, don't you have to also reset you watch to connect it to your new phone? I am almost positive that there is no way to restore just your Health Data so we are screwed.

    Oh well, new iPhone 6s I guess calls for new everything including a factory reset watch...hopefully running watchOS 2!!


    Edit: Does anyone know of any Apps that let you print out your Health Data so at least you have a hard copy of it to save, or if you needed to show your doctor some of your data? That would be great, and if there is not an app someone make one, haha!

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    Couldn't you just delete all apps, back up and then upgrade - you would keep messages, health data and some settings?

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