Apple Watch vs Old Mechanical Watches

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    After not wearing watches for the last 4-5 years, I dug up my two old watches with the intent of going to a local jeweler who said they replace watch batteries. I had saved up for years for an old Swiss Army watch when I was in high school and my wife gave me a Fossil watch back when we got married. I stopped wearing watches because my weight ballooned after getting married (always changing the band) and the Fossil watch went through batteries like crazy. Finally went to Apple Watch in Nov 2017 - for my wife and I and we haven't been happier. We've run more in the last 3 months than we have in our entire lives.

    Just thought I'd share my experience today --- went to a local jeweler who was happy to see us and didn't seem at all disappointed that I was asking for watch battery replacements. He asked what I did with the bands - used them with my Apple Watch with adapters - we then had a nice chat about Apple Watches. He said his daughter, his daughter's daughter and everyone he knew was getting them but he liked <pointing to his watch> the mechanical ones better.

    He then talked about how fake watches from China and India were bankrupting him - people opt for those over the real watches. He couldn't believe people like my wife and I would use an Apple Watch that we had to charge every few days (was shocked that we could charge to 100% during a quick shower).

    So for $22 ($11 each) I got new batteries in these watches. He said he liked the Swiss watch and could tell it was older - didn't mention anything about the Fossil watch.

    I have the second hands synced up with the Apple Watch. Going to be interesting to see how these things keep time (or don't).

    I definitely like my Apple Watch but I have a huge fascination with mechanical watches. I'm finding that AW has rekindled my hobby of watches - spending tons of time on Youtube watching and this old gem:

    I won't be able to afford $2k+ watches anytime soon but I definitely would like to have one someday. Though, with the Apple Watch, I don't know if I could justify buying a $2k+ watch and not wear it (because I'd be wearing the Apple Watch all the time).


    And After


    So far the second hands are staying in sync :). Apologies for the bad CFL light pics. The swiss army watch is a Victorinox SWISS ARMY model #24037 Summit XLT.

    Makes me want to get one of those massive mechanical alarm clocks and take it apart and put it back together again. :p
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    I think mechanical watches will always have a place because they have such a heritage and Have been around long before smart watches were here. To me, there’s something about a mechanical watch that just feels solid and and it has that sense of “It just works” nostalgia. Similar in comparison to like an older model firearm that’s well-maintained and vintage. With mechanical Watches, you don’t have to worry about software updates, charging, how long will it be supported, etc.

    But times have changed, and smart watches have grown extreme in popularity and they serve their purpose when it comes to convenience with fitness and notifications. I have an appreciation for both Watches in different respects.
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    I have a few Citizen watches. I wanted the AW for the HR monitor, data logging and the workout app for when I walk to keep track of the time spent there. I do miss wearing my Citizen NaviHawk. It is a brawny looking watch. Just as you’ve both already stated pretty well, there is something about a mechanical watch that keeps my interested in owning and wanting wear one.
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    I did not wear any watch for almost 20 years until a few weeks ago when I finally decided to buy an Apple Watch. Two day battery life, sleep tracking, fitness, notification, and above all else, tell time. I couldn’t be happier. Now I wear it almost all the time.

    But, mechanical watch always has its own position and the great potential to pass to siblings or even other people. Tech has fully invaded our life, yet there are still people loving vintage tech. For me, the reliability, long lasting and the special feeling are three key reasons I still like some vintage tech.

    Hell, my mind is just wandering and I could not form a more logic response. :(

    I’m not sure if I will buy a mecianical Watch in the future. But I will stick with Apple Watch for now.

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