Apple Watch with classic buckle: 3rd Party Band size?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by deadstockmarket, May 5, 2015.

  1. deadstockmarket macrumors regular


    Dec 29, 2010
    Hey everyone,

    I have the Apple Watch with classic buckle. I saw the video where you can use a pentalobe screwdriver to change out the band with essentially any band you choose. I have the 42mm watch. Does anyone know what size band I would need? I see different size range for example 18mm, 20mm, 22mm...anyone know what size would fit s 42mm Apple Watch? Thanks.
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    Jun 21, 2012
    Bermuda Run, NC
    Well, the guy in the video used a 22mm band. I just measured the band (same as yours) and it's right at 23mm. I noticed that it's possible to shift the band back and forth on the lug, so you might actually be able to get a 24mm band on there instead.

    I'd probably be a little more concerned with the thickness of the band at the watch end. If it's too thick, you may not be able to get the lug screwed back together.

    I may be ordering a Greg Stevens strap to put on this watch. If I do, I'll post here to share my experience.
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    Dec 29, 2010
    Thanks for your insight! I'm looking for a band to buy and replace it.

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