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Sep 22, 2015
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Post excerpts and links from magazine and blog reviews of WatchOS2 here.

I'll start the ball rolling:

Apple WatchOS 2 Review and Test Report
What Apple Watch Should Have Had From Day 1

When the Apple Watch first came out in late April, I lusted after the ones other staffers at Frequent Business Traveler had and soon found myself the proud owner of one. Even though it was a first-generation product, it showed enough promise, and had enough functionality over other smartwatches I had used – including the Pebble and a few Android Wear models – that I had to have it once I read about what Apple would offer a few months hence in WatchOS 2.

The upgrade to WatchOS 2, which was delayed from last week after Apple discovered an undisclosed bug, became available in the Apple Watch app on my iPhone on Monday. The download took far longer than I had expected. I started it around 10 p.m. at which point it said that six hours remained and, by the time I went to sleep, two hours later, it showed that two hours remained and it was less than half downloaded.

The download required having the watch connected to the charging puck....
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