Apple wearable Computer?


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Sep 4, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Apple wearable computer? Now here's one that really
Found this on MOSR
interests us. From one reader's submission: I talked to a old college buddy of mine earlier today. His wife works for a downtown Palo Alto company called "Danger, Inc." (which sounds kind of corny to me, but the company really exists ). He claims that big announcement on Monday is that Apple is acquiring Danger. The company makes an integrated "hiptop" device that combines the functions of an organizer, wireless phone, music player and instant messaging. The device won't be shipping for several months yet, but Jobs will be showing a functioning prototype unit (which hasn't yet been redesigned to match Apple's consumer look). There are specs and a Flash demo on Danger's site, but I'm sure all that will change after the acquisition. The really interesting part? According to several reader reports, Steve Wozniak is on Danger, Inc.'s board of directors. Hmmmmm.....

I went to the website and it appears to be legitimate


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Apr 18, 2001
if you go to their site and under about us then board of directors Steve Wozniak is not listed...

hmmmmm.... maybe this is BS?


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Sep 18, 2001
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Some of us wireless nerds have been watching Danger for a while now. It's a really cool platform which will sorely tempt me to break the service contract for my Blackberry when it shows up.

In a way, though, I hope that Apple hasn't acquired them, because as much as I like both companies, I worry that having Apple's logo on the device will confuse potential customers (both end users and wireless providers) and limit Danger's potential.