Apple Website Design Feature Help

Cepe Indicum

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Oct 11, 2006

A completely newbie question, sorry. I've had a quick search, but it's tricky to find an answer when you're not sure what to look for... so thought I'd ask the experts...

Could someone tell me how a feature on the new Apple website works? I see it about the Internet quite a bit now actually.

Go here: and click on one of the "Watch the demo" buttons... how does the following "pop up" video work? Is it Flash?

Thanks in advance, and sorry it's such a basic question (not asked particularly well).


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Aug 8, 2006
i also found this interesting/usefull, im not a proper web designer by a long shot but i want to learn in this direction and not in the slow to load and proprietry flash route, any tips on where to learn are welcome (other than the extremley useful site link you provided Janey