Apple, where's my bug repellent?

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    Let me just tell you a little background. My first introduction to the Internet was on a webtv. Yes, back in the 80's. Not a bad machine for it's time. Introducing the internet to your t.v. screen. If I'm correct webtv was developed by a former Apple employee (maybe I'm not). Anyways, it introduced me to the Internet at cheap price, emailing, web surfing, etc... One thing I really liked about webtv is if you bought the plus model you had picture in picture. Surfing the web on your tv screen while viewing your tv show in the PIP screen. Let's not forget that this was the early 80's. Microsoft bought webtv for their integration bringing the web to a regular tv screen. Pennies, for Microsoft at the time.

    After webtv got dreadfully slow from being on dial up, I decided to purchase the Mac Mini when it was introduced. I didn't go cheap, I bought it with all the bells and whistles. It had an HP processor. Oh, and I got DSL. Through the following years I bought two 1980's IMacs, you know, the ones with colors, 10 GBs. Transitioning my family members off of there webtv's. My older brother also bought an IMac and put his webtv in the closet.

    My cell phone was in contract with Verizon ATT had the iPhone locked up for 5 years. I bought an LG Dare, thier answer to the iPhone. It sucked. As soon as the iPhone was available to Verizon I bought an iPhone 4. I loved it. Syncing with iTunes. I didn't run into any problems with the anttena, because I purchased it with a case.

    Now the bad news. I'm seriously starting to lose respect towards Apple. I purchased an iPhone 6+. No, It hasn't bent in my front pocket. Bunch of ********! What I'm losing faith in is the updates introduced to both the macs and the iPhone's. These updates don't seem to correct anything or it just introduce new bugs. Now I read about an iphone6+ camera **** up. That's one of the reasons I bought the 6+ Because it had stabilization along with more pixels.

    Another thing is Apple's pissing me off, because Apple seems to be basking in there glow with the sales they've achieved. They don't seem to give **** about combating Microsoft in thier commercials comparing a Surface Pro 3 to a MacBook air. I tried a Surface Pro 3, that's the most plasticky thing I ever incountered. Now the Yoga. C'mon Apple stop basking in your glow. Fight back and spend some of those millions you recently made, getting your software updates correct and go back to your PC vs Mac advertisements. Those actors are still alive, right?
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    Web TV was not an 80's thing it was a 90's thing. The '80's had BBS' and no internet as we know it. The internet really didn't go main stream until about '91 and really didn't get mass adoption until '94 or so. While WebTV is probably older than I think I don't remember seeing advertisments for it until the late 90's and in the late 90's most people were on dialup. Fast forward the Mac Mini was introduced in early 2005 which would be about the time frame that WebTV died. The iMac with colors was the G3 iMac and it was introduced in '98 not the 80's. You're memory is failing you like it does to mine does quite a bit, the problem is it's taking away from the rest of your argument.

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