Apple wireless accessories (AIrport express, base station.. Etc..)

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Hello macrumors,

    I want to connect my external hard drive to ____ so that i can have wirless access to it.
    I believe, from mroogle amd research, what im looking for is the Airport Extreme Base Station (the 179USD one)
    I plug it in, plug in my ethernet cable to, ten my hard drive in the usb port, follow the instructions, and with a mobile me account and internet access, can have access to allfiles on that hard drive.
    Am i correct?

    Now for the questions.
    1. The airport express (the little one) also has a usb port, now from what ive read thats a printer only usb port, amy way to change tht so it can work with hard drives?
    2. Any recommended hard drives that are reliable, or known to work well with this specific setup.
    3. Im looking to get around a 500GB for myself, what if my parets would lime to use theirs too, is it possible to use a usb hub to connect multiple hardrives to that one plug.
    4. If u have a one harddrive, how fast will it be? I understand it depends on what RPM my hd is, but in general, will it take like 5minutes to save a word doc to it?
    5. Is it possible to password lrotect this hard drive so y family members cant access my files? Nothing to hide, just curiois.

    That all i can think of for now.
    Im thinking of investkn in this set up because im getting the 64GB air amd since space is limited, and im alway within iternet access, this seems to be one of the most functional set up.

    Amd also if i end up getting a desktop or something to accompnay the MBA, itll make it really simple to keep both conputers in sync.

    Excuse all typos, and any possible grammar errors,
    Im typing on my iPod.

    Oh and btw, i have no jdea if this matters, but ill be storing mainly jpegs and other image files, word amd ppt documents, and psd.

    And any advice/input is appreciated,


    Im incesting in this setup becaus
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    Jan 7, 2010
    London, ON
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    1. No
    2. I'm running western digitals but all brands should work.
    3. Yes. I'm running two hard drives off of it now.
    5. It won't matter.
    6. Yes

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