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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by hedumart, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Oct 15, 2008

    I’m a long time user of Apple computers, and so far I have been almost only positive. Especially when it comes to editing pictures and video Apple has, atleast so far, delivered, in my opinion, the best package. My problem is that I own a HD-camcorder since February this year and my old computer is simply not up to the task when it comes to editing HD-video.

    For some time now I have been waiting patiently for Apple to announce support for Blu-Ray so that I can start making Blu-Ray disks of the material that I have gathered so far.

    Yesterday then the announcement that it’s all a bag of hurt....

    Would be great to get some feedback on what you think of the future.

    Will they support the new format anytime in the foreseeable future? Steve Jobs doesn’t make me very optimistic. I would prefer to stay with Apple, but I’m starting to wonder how long I would have to wait before they present built in Blu-Ray support.

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    My take: SJ was posturing yesterday and using his "world of hurt" comment as a public negotiation tactic. Clearly apps like Final Cut Pro and Express are weakened w/o Blu-Ray support. SJ's comments are also odd because Apple is a member of the Blu-Ray Assn.

    But it's hard to tell what's up with Apple here. I think it's safe to say don't expect support any time soon. We'll see if Apple attends NAB this year. They skipped it last year. If they come this year then probably means a new Final Cut Studio. I can't imagine a new version that doesn't support Blu-Ray.

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