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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Kballar2, Apr 26, 2007.

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    Most of us mac fans aren't as crazy about :apple: TV, the iPhone, and even the iPod as we are our computers. These are great accessories to our everyday lives but the product that makes us into huge Mac fans are definitely the computers. I think most of us can agree on that. But with apple announcing that they've dropped the name "Apple Computers" and just become "Apple Inc." back in January, does anybody think that they have switched their business model as well? They already delayed the release of Leopard because they had too many resources dedicated to the iPhone. In the meantime there are tons of us out here with Intel Macs and an operating system that were designed around Power PC. Intel is talking about dropping a new chipset for the macs, yet we probably won't see new models until October now because of the Leopard delay as well. Does anybody else out there fear that Apple is getting too distracted?
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    Although, I see what you mean. But I see and understand why Apple decided to change their name. A music player sold by a computer company. Makes more sense to have a general name, that way they can expand into new markets, which they are doing. The Mac platform is clearly growing, they wont drop it.
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    The name change along with the recent lack of Mac news seems to have everyone worried, but it seems to me that all the new peripheral devices are based around the Mac, and that the Mac will be more important than ever in the new ecosystem of products Apple is developing. A whole family of products with tight integration and the common thread of osx running through all.

    It's too bad we don't get to see the roadmap, because I'll bet by the end of the year when we have seen 10.5 and the latest new hardware, with the benefit of hindsight all this will make more sense.

    Besides, the iPod has done alot for the overall health and growth of Apple as a company, and I think maybe we should be thankful it happened, and that maybe it can be repeated to some degree.
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    Mar 4, 2006
    I reckon once Santa Rosa starts shipping in earnest in June we'll get a refresh of everything except the Mac Pro and XServe. They will want to catch the school buying season (the Mac's best quarter traditionally) with plentiful amounts of up to date hardware available.

    Chill out about the name change. It's still Apple, and they're not going to stop concentrating on Macs when they're selling over seven million of them a year (yeah, future projection there but you know what I mean).
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    Computers are a cash cow for apple. they have great margins on them and they're sure sellers. the iPod is still risky because its still a fickle market. same with :apple: TV and the iPhone. they're diversifying, but the computers are a sure bet.

    they won't wait until october to update. that would be suicide. as soon as they can get Santa Rosa chips in their lines they'll do it. makes the most sense.
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    Oddly enough, the :apple:TV, iPhone and iPod are fairly pointless without a Mac (or a Windows computer running Apple software).

    I don't think Apple's going to "forget" about what powers the devices that you aren't crazy about.
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    I think the recent quarterly report gives them some breathing room.

    The current Mac line is selling very well. Better than most would have expected.

    I would also assume that we won't see anything major, because there hasn't been any real major boost in performance with whats out there now compared to the core2 duo architecture.

    There has been quad core for the Mac Pro, but most of the lineup uses mobile chips. A few incremental performance boosts, but not enough to warrant a refresh.

    I'm a little surprised by the Mini not getting an update, but they are probably pushing for profit with falling hardware costs on the low end hardware. At this point, I wouldn't expect an update until the new embedded graphics chips are released.

    The next major push will probably be around HD capability, which requires HDCP support, which is probably not until Leopard. I would think thats why you haven't see Blu-Ray and HD-DVD drives being introduced as options to the current lineup.

    As with anything else, its all rumor and speculation until something happens.

    I would venture to guess new ACD's with deep color support. HDMI 1.3 support on the pro line. Better H.264 support across the entire lineup.

    And... of course all the new software that ties it all together with iPhone and Apple TV.
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    Exactly. Despite all of the considerable hand wringing going on around here over a lack of updates, Mac sales were absolutely fantastic in Q1. It's obvious that the overwhelming majority of consumers don't seem to be concerned about it at all.

    You also make a very good point that there just hasn't been any kind of major new architecture come down from Intel now since late last summer with the Core 2 Duo. The Macs that use mobile components (which are all but the Mac Pro) are still quite competitive with what all of the other PC manufacturers are currently offering. If they weren't, they wouldn't have had such high Q1 Mac sales numbers.
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