Apple Won't Replace my Iphone because Screen is Cracked

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    Mar 5, 2012
    So I went into Apple last week because my iphone 3gs keeps randomly turning off and WILL NOT turn on even when I hold the power button OR when I hold the home and the power button together OR when I plug it into my computer. But when I charge it through the charger attached to the wall, it turns on but starts up like its a brand new iphone :confused: so anyways I went into the Apple Store last week and one guy inspected it and basically said the only thing he could do is to restore it or I could pay 160 to get a new iphone. I asked why he couldnt replace it because there is OBVIOUSLY something wrong with my phone. and he tells me its because there is a small crack in the front glass. :mad: so I went home, restored my Iphone and it worked fine for a couple weeks but now the same thing happened. So I am going into the store today to hopefully get it fixed but I was wondering is this a normal rule? that jusdt because i have a small crack in the bottom of my screen they refuse to replace it for free EVEN THOUGH there is a flaw in the phone itself? Also is there anything I could say to the genius bar workers to get them to actually help me and replace my phone? Thanks!
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    3GS you say? I bet it'll be out of warranty anyway and therefore you're not entitled to a free replacement
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    Check your warranty status here:
    But if any part of the screen is cracked then they qualify it as physical damaged iphone. And if you drop it enough to crack the glass then something internally can get damaged too.
    But worth a try to bring it in again if you're still covered under applecare warranty.
    If not only way to replace it is to pay the fee.
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    Mar 1, 2012

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