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    Aug 14, 2010
    I can honestly say that I am highly disappointed in Apple and it has lost my respect to the point where I will not own another Apple product. I have never applied anywhere that openly discriminates against employees that don't use ALL of their products. I have worked at several establishments where I did not use their product or personally experience their product and that was never a problem until I encountered Apple. I had made it to the third interview with the Brand Manager who then asked me do you own a Mac, I stated no but I have used them, I have done support on them (through an ISP), and I plan on getting one at some point.

    It was from that point I basically was told I have no chance because even though I have used every other product the fact I didn't own a Mac computer means I wasn't dedicated enough to the brand and it would essentially take "extra" work to train me, which was complete BS, I know my own ability. Perhaps it was for the best I wasn't hired but you make it to the 3rd interview (and I had stated in both my primary interview and the secondary that I have owned Mac Books in the past but do not currently own a Mac). I don't understand why they would even waste their time moving me along with the process if that is a major mark against me. Most of the applicants blatantly kissed major butt but that's not my style, I thought my customer service experience and technical ability would play more into a qualified candidate but that is not how Apple works unfortunately. Beware that even if you respect the brand, have a decent knowledge base about it and are tech savvy you may run into that Brand Manager who defines what a "Mac snob" is. The worst part is during the interview he'd openly interject why something was the way it was, an example being with viruses. I basically stated what is common knowledge but of course that didn't coincide with his ideology of Apple and I felt like I was almost interviewing for a cult at that point.
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    So go look for another retail job. They're all pretty much the same.


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