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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by hamzab, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Oct 7, 2008
    Just got My MacBook (2.4ghz Black, 4,1 Model) back from repair and to say the least I was disgusted.

    The Mac went in for:

    - Keyboard crack

    - Random Shutdown Issues

    - High Temps

    - Hinge loose, when lifting MacBook up the Lid would close

    - LCD has a purple line going through it with a sord of golden barcode running through the line

    Gave it in to the store and 3 days later I got it back

    - Keyboard replaced, however number "four" key not always working, its sorta hard to push down as if half the key doesnt push down

    - Still suffers from Random Shutdown, had it for 3 days, it was on for about 8hours and screen went blank, Light blinking than turned off. Had to turn it back on

    - Temps still high, getting 75 degrees after simple browsing on net with Safari, no random activities running. CPU will then jump to around 83 degrees celsius after 2 hours on just internet

    - Hinge still loose, not even repaired

    - LCD not replaced, the guy said this was down to Normal wear?

    Also, the cosmetic condition I got it back in was disgusting to say the least, on the "genius bar Work Authorisation" sheet it says the Macbook had light scratches around, when i got it back, the top lid had some major hard small scratches towards the back and some long thin scratches and on two of the corners it had been dinged up so the colour is different than the Mat Black. The Worst part was the keyboard, other than the "four" key not working, where they keyboard meets the base (the corner) instead of a smooth corner finish, it looks like the keyboard has been pryed off, so the corner finish is really uneven, so uneven that whilst typing this my left arm gets scratches

    So i rang Applecare and asked for Customer relations, the guy wouldnt let me until I told him the problems so I did (all of the above) he sounded nice and was unhappy at the service I had recieved, he made a note of the store and particular genius and so he got me an appointment at another Apple Store in London. So Im going there tomorrow for my appointment

    My question is have you ever got this bad treatment from Apple, not just not repairing specific things that should be repaired but getting your Laptop back really scratched up and more worse off then before? I think if this time it doesnt come back properly I will DEMAND to be put forward to Apple Customer relations as I was seriously disheartened at the service I got. The Mac is only 8months old so really isnt that old and shoulve not developed all these problems in the first place, also I couldnt give it in when it first getting these symptoms as this is my only computer I have access to as a student

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    Jan 12, 2005
    You have 5 separate threads going about this same Macbook issue and 3 threads about the problems with your iPhone. If you're this annoying when you go to the Apple store, I don't blame them for treating you badly.

    Read the rules, don't repeat post the same thread, one subject one thread. don't start new threads on the same subject repeatedly.
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    Sorry, just getting a little frustrated here

    Please Delete thread

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