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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by scotsmandc, Sep 21, 2018.

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    If i don't get applecare, i'd get 1 year warranty with apple, and then credit card would offer an additional year warranty. If i were to get applecare+, would it be 2 years apple warranty and then 1 year from the credit card after making it 3 years total?
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    If you got an Amex card, yes and this is how it will work:

    **Make sure the FULL purchase is on the card.**

    It will double the warranty up to a year if the default OEM warranty is under a year (like 6 months) and for items that the warranty is 1-4 years they (Amex) will always cover 1 year extra after the OEM warranty runs out.

    If the item in question comes with a 5 year OEM warranty (like a refrigerator), they wont cover a 6th year. Max they will do is 4(oem)+1 (amex). The warranty needs to be an OEM warranty.

    So for this case, Apple care counts as an OEM warranty, so Amex will cover you that 3rd year for any device failures ie, speaker goes out, wont boot, stops charging, but doesn't cover accidental like if you break your screen or water damage. Usually with expensive items they will have you go to apple and get a quote for the repairs and they will reimburse you. For some smaller things like an xbox, they may just credit you and have you send in to Amex the defective item.

    —Edited this below, as pintes out below —
    AMEX will also cover you for accidental damage and theft protection/loss ONLY during the FIRST 90 or 120 days you have the item. Varies by state. They will require a police report if its lost/stolen and for damages, youll probably need apple to provide a quote.
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    @cg006 Are you sure that Amex will start their extended warranty after Applecare+? I don't think that's was how they did a few years ago, but things change.

    To the OP, it really depends on your credit card. The one I use now Citibank Costco adds 2 years to the manufacturer's warranty. If you purchase an extended warranty, the Costco warranty starts after the extended warranty expires. So in my case, I'm covered for 3 years on Apple product without any extra cash outlay. If I add Applecare+, I'm covered for 4 years.

    The caveat being that I'm only covered up to the amount that I charged on the card. If I paid for half of it with a gift card, then Costco will only cover up to half the price. That's why I won't go on an NEXT type plan, because I won't have any extra coverage on an iPhone bought that way.
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    Remember "warranty" against manufacture defects is not the same as Applecare+ if you break the glass.

    For me Applecare+ made sense for roughly $99.50 for 1 year. My Chase Ink card give 5% cash back on my cell bill total which is about $105 with the phone payment. So that's $5.25 per month back.

    Basically nearly pays for the Applecare cost ($8.29/month, so I'm paying $3/month out of pocket for Applecare really) instead of using a different card with cell coverage (which still usually carries a $100 deductible).
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    Yes. If you bought a dell laptop and bought the dell 3 year warranty, AMEX will cover the forth year for example. Again, it will be a warranty against defect or malfunction, not a warranty for accidental damage like a broken screen.

    If your iPhone just decided to crap out , Amex would cover it. But they won’t cover a cracked screen or liquid damage.
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    When you say AMEX, do you mean American Express? If so, is it ANY American Express card?
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    AMEX does offer purchase protection which can be used up to 120 days after purchase. If you have AppleCare + then it's moot. But if you just have the regular included AppleCare you are covered for accidental damage for the first 120 days.
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    —Edit. The length varies by state. It’s either 90 (NYC included) or 120. So were both right and wrong.

    Here’s the link if anyone want more info-
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    Amex cc > over applecare. Had an issue on my two year phone. Called amex and they credit me the full amount i pay for the phone.

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