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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Flyinace2000, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Sep 28, 2004
    Not sure how long my battery for my iPod has sucked, but i just realized it today. I was taking the China Town bus from NY to DC and by the end of the trip my battery was nearly dead. I listened to sever podcasts (20 to 70 minutes in length, backlight set to 5 seconds and volume at about 50-60%)

    I am going to atttempt to recalibrate the baterry by draining it and charging it completly for a few cycles.

    if my (battery) life does not improve i would like Apple to replace the battery since i have Apple care and it does not expire for about 6 more months. My question is will they simply replace the battery or replace the iPod. They only reason i care is because i had it custom painted by ColorWarePC. If they are going to replace the unit i would rather buy a battery online and replace it my self.

    When i worked at an Apple store they mostly just replaced the unit. If i send it to repair via Fedex or DHL would they do the same or actually repair the unit.


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    I'm not sure about this, but this is like almost like my question in another thread about battery life with long songs/audiobooks
    sounds like a new iPod, so it might be irrelevant, but in older iPods audio files over 25mb in size are read directly from the hard drive, and not dumped into cache bit by bit which would shorten your battery life while you're playing audio files like that. so try again with shorter songs, or break up your podcasts into shorter segments if possible, and see if you have the same battery problem.

    I was under the assumption that Apple replaces all defective iPods with new ones only because it's simpler, and that colorwarepc offers their own warranties, but that might just be for the paint job (nice going :D i've wanted to get my iBook painted by them, but don't wanna pay half the cost of the laptop for a paint job).

    otoh, replacing batteries is not that difficult. i guess it's up to you and your level of comfort with opening an iPod and replacing the battery.

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