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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Endorphine88, Apr 19, 2018.

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    Riddle me this:

    Maxed out iMac Pro = $13,199; AppleCare is $169
    Maxed out Macbook Pro = $4,199; AppleCare is $379

    Now I understand a portable device is much more prone to accidental damage (dropping, hitting etc etc) but if we're basing AppleCare on the likelihood that a device will break or be broken then AppleCare for the watch should be excruciatingly expensive. Know what I mean?
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    Well pricing for any extended warranty is based on a variety of complex factors that Apple and others won't reveal, but make business sense for them. If over time the iMac Pro costs more to repair it might get its own separate cost for AppleCare or it might go up for all desktop units.
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    The iMac Pro has removable storage, removable RAM, removable CPU, etc. The MacBook Pro on the other hand is basically disposable and 95% of repairs require an entire top case or logic board replacement.
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    Removable by who? Certainly not the user! Basing the cost of Apple Care + on that doesn't make sense. It would likely involve more hours of labor to do major repairs on an iMac Pro than any MacBook Pro. The simple fact is that a desktop machine usually remains fixed in one place and generally is not subject to accidental or other damage.
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    Do you really think it would take an Apple repair tech significantly longer to replace a single RAM module in the iMac as opposed to doing a logic board swap in the MacBook Pro?
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    No but you always have to replace the logic board in the laptop, that’s just going to push AppleCare costs up for the notebook.
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    It’s pretty simple. It an insurance policy just like any other which involves probability. They have more data than you know.

    The MBP is more likely or probable to fail. It is more expensive to repair. As someone said above, the MBP is throw away when it has a problem. Almost nothing is salvageable. Yes a modular system is easier and cheaper to troubleshoot. Plus, MBPs have some history of common failures with each model year.
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