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    A couple of years ago, I took out the extended Applecare on one of my iPads, and I had to call them regarding an issue. At that time, there was a scheme (called something like Express replacement) where Apple would send out a replacement unit in advance of receiving the existing one back as long as you gave your credit card details.
    Does that scheme still exist? For iMacs?
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    For iOS devices, it's still a thing. For computers, I think they only do normal repairs and never do whole-unit replacements.
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    Correct : Iphone, iPad, & Apple watch

    In some cases, I have even got a replacement Macbook pro under Express service replacement. same thing applies.. (probably because its a laptop)

    You need to say "I prefer..." that's how i approached the situation, never give Apple the option by. But if they insist only in-store, and no express replacement, then that's how it is..

    Got nothing to loose to try.

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