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Apr 12, 2001

AppleCare+ for the new Mac Pro is available for $299, while AppleCare+ for the new Apple Pro Display XDR is priced at $499.

Given the prices of both the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR, adding AppleCare coverage seems well worth it.


The $299 price point for AppleCare+ for the Mac Pro is the same regardless of whether the Mac Pro costs $6,000 or upwards of $52,000 with upgrade options.

AppleCare+ for Mac Pro and for Pro Display XDR extends coverage to three years from the date of purchase, and adds coverage for two incidents of accidental damage. There's a $99 deductible for enclosure damage or screen damage and a $299 deductible for other damage.

24/7 access to Apple's support staff by chat or phone is also included, as are onsite repair options, mail-in repairs, carry-in repairs, and global repair coverage.

AppleCare+ for Mac Pro is the same as the AppleCare+ plan that Apple offers for all of its Mac products. It covers the Mac Pro and its accessories.

AppleCare+ for Displays covers the Pro Display XDR, the power cord, one Apple-branded display stand, and one Apple-branded mount purchased at the same time.

The AppleCare+ protection policies for Apple's new hardware can be purchased when checking out. For the Mac Pro, Apple says AppleCare+ can be added within 60 days of a purchase, but there is no similar wording on the AppleCare+ for Display pages.

Article Link: AppleCare+ for New Mac Pro Costs $299, AppleCare+ for Pro Display XDR Costs $499


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Nov 19, 2012
I don't know all that much about what Applecare covers but presumably a static device that sits on / near a desk is a lot less likely to get damaged than a mobile, pocket sized device that gets waved around several hours each day and can get wet/dropped etc. Not the most surprising of news that the price reflects this I guess.
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