Applecare for the series 3?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by troubleonline, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Thinking of getting GPS + cellular model.

    As this will be my first watch and I expect I will keep for at least 2 years (usually upgrade my iPhone every year) I am wondering if I should take out Applecare since £59 over 2 years not that much.

    What are peoples thought on Applecare for the watches? Is it worth it? Am generally a careful person and have never broken phone screens etc but wonder if watch could be more prone to damage.

    However I also see that the excess for claims is £49 which seems high and I usually never take such warranties.

    ps I did try a search on the forum but thousands of results and most looked to be about iPhone Applecare.
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    Aug 15, 2011
    i am normally very careful too. Watch 1 no issues, and have had various iteration of iphones as well. Several months ago I dropped the watch on a concrete floor. Applecare to the rescue. Ironically i debated long and hard before buying it.
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    Thanks and the difference here is that my iPhone is covered by bank insurance. The watch will not be!
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    Oct 27, 2012
    Yes I recommend on getting AppleCare , I did with my S0 watch and I had a minor accident that cracked the screen. With AppleCare I was able to send it back to repair for $60+ and I received back a S1 watch instead. I am always careful with all my electronic gadgets, never had a cracked screen but the AppleWatch was my first device that I had an accident that caused the screen to crack.
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    Jun 12, 2011
    I bought the AppleCare with my S0 when I purchased it about 2 years ago because of the reliability issues I have had with iPhones in the past. I never had to use the AppleCare until the Taptic Engine stopped working a couple weeks ago. Took it in, they sent it in, restored the software and polished the body, sent it back and that fixed everything! The Watch is a surprisingly robust product like the iPad, and I expect it to have very few issues. I will still buy AC+ though out of fear of cracking the sapphire face.
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    Apple Watch does not have a port for the Genius Bar to run any diagnostics. You either have to wait while they send it out, or you can escalate the issue at the Apple Store to see if they would partner up with a manager to swap it out. They have swapped out my S0 twice. Cosmetic damage (scratches) is not covered under Apple Care anyways; but if you were to give it a good yank and totally destroy the screen, that's of course another story; you'd be looking at a deductible to get it repaired.
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    Thanks for the comments. Considering Series 3 now...

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