Applecare+ if (pre)-order from AT&T?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mikepro, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Sep 3, 2010
    So, it looks like if you want the new Applecare+ that covers damage, you need to buy it at the same time as the phone, (and not within the 1 year warranty period as with old Applecare).

    So, my question is, if you order or pre-ordered from AT&T, will you be able to add Applecare+ to it? Can anyone who ordered a 4 from a provider say if they were presented that option?

    Or, do you think we will be able to buy the Applecare+ separately from apple as long as we buy it on the same day?
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    Nobody will be able to tell you they were presented with the option when buying an iPhone 4 from a carrier, because Applecare+ was not available at the time, nor was there a stipulation that you had to buy Applecare at the same time as the new phone.
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    Sep 3, 2010
    Of course, but were they presented the option of buying original Applecare? If so, then it stands to reason Applecare+ will be offered.

    If not, and having to buy at time of purchase is enforced, then Apple seems to be cutting out a large swath of customers - those that buy their phones from carriers or other stores. Not really like Apple to turn money away....
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    Sep 3, 2010
    Yes, you can purchase it after you buy the phone.

    OK, I actually read the Applecare+ terms and conditions.

    The Apple web site for Applecare+ "Important note" says they have to be purchased together. However, it is interesting that it doesn't seem to say this in the actual terms and conditions that it has to be purchased together. In section 4.2 it says coverage does not apply to:

    (viii) A pre-existing condition on any Covered Equipment if you purchased the Plan after you
    purchased the Covered Equipment

    Then, later in section 11 it says:

    (ix) The terms of the Plan, including the original sales receipt of the Plan and the Plan Confirmation,
    prevail over any conflicting, additional, or other terms of any purchase order or other document, and
    constitute your and Apple’s entire understanding with respect to the Plan.
    (x) You must purchase the Plan while your original iPhone is within Apple’s One Year Limited warranty.
    Apple is not obligated to renew this Plan. If Apple does offer a renewal, it will determine the price and

    So, according to their terms and conditions, you can purchase it within one year. But, it won't cover anything that happens before you purchase it. So, if you drop and smash your phone in 6 months, and then try to buy the warranty and have it fixed, that shouldn't be covered. But, how would they know it broke before you bought the warranty? I mean, it would seem fairly obvious if you bought Applecare+ and a few days later walk in with a smashed phone that "just happened" and want it replaced.

    But, I think for all of us doing pre-orders, it should be fine to buy it separately from Apple if the carrier does not offer it at check out. To be safe, I would buy it right away though.

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