Applecare (iMac) from eBay USA for UK use

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Cloudane, Sep 23, 2008.

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    What are people's experiences with 'cheating' the system this way by getting AppleCare for much cheaper off eBay than Apple sell it themselves?

    I already went ahead and bought it, as it was at quite a bargain price of £56 (it's £140 if you buy it from Apple!). The eBay seller has 100% positive feedback, mostly from other AppleCare sales, and some pre-googling seemed to suggest that others have registered and used USA AppleCare off eBay in other countries with no problem.

    When I registered the code yesterday, it went through ok but on the AppleCare registration page it said "Status: Registration in progress" and stayed like that for about 24 hours. I figured there must be human validation involved and thought "uh oh, I hope a USA code is acceptable in the UK" (especially with the lack of Value Added Tax etc). Then I noticed the iMac icon and serial number next to the AppleCare agreement ID had disappeared and it still said "in progress" so alarm bells started ringing and I phoned Apple Support.

    The support guy was extremely cagey and basically told me that I shouldn't have bought AppleCare off eBay and that I need to send them proof of purchase of the AppleCare to continue the registration process. Thing is, well it's off eBay! I have the eBay and Paypal confirmations, but that's about the best I can do. I've emailed the seller asking if she can provide her proof of purchase that I can forward on to Apple, but don't hold much hope.

    Anyone able to offer experienced advice? TIA...
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    Not sure if rules have changed but about a year and a half ago I bought a US eBay Applecare for my iMac G5m got the registration code and phoned up Apple UK to register it and all went through fine, no questions asked.

    I have more recently about 9 months ago bought another US eBay Applecare for my current Intel iMac, registered this online and according to the Apple site I am now covered till 2010 based on the serial number.

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