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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by seanman236, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Dec 3, 2009
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    So last tuesday, I was using Isquint when my laptop became too hot to touch. Using istat, I looked at the temperature of the computer and it had reached 112 degrees C before shutting down. After that, the device would not boot up. (I was using a 2009 2.8 Ghz C2D for the record...) I call apple tech and they tell me I am going to need repairs. At this point, I have already had a total system replacement before (logic board, ram, hard drive, display) and two track pads replaced. I call a customer service rep and she assures me they are going to fix my laptop and that I just need to go to the store. So...

    I go into the apple store and the genius tries to explain to me how he thinks the issue is with my hard drive (he was an idiot.) After leaving the laptop with them to run diagnostics (I have no idea on what, the laptop was completely fried) I get a call from the georgetown apple store and they inform me that my logic board was bad and they would need to replace it. I complain that this is the second logic board replacement and the fourth overall major hardware replacement, They ignore me. I called applecare customer support yet again and complain–this time asking for recruement and a replacement unit. No dice.

    I get the unit back, and the backlit keyboard doesn't work. I call the applestore again and bring it in for repairs. They tell me that during repairs the repair man forgot to plug it in but I should be satisfied now with my repairs. I called applecare while in the store and spoke with a senior representative. I explained that while it was not a technical repair, it was the fifth time I had to be in the store for a hardware issue. He says he understands and 25 minutes later the administrative genius walks out with a brand new 15 inch macbook pro with every upgrade minus the ram upgrade. I am talking full screen upgrade, upgraded RPM hard drive, and upgraded processor.

    I can only say that I personally had a remarkable experience with Applecare after quite an annoying experience with the past product. I hope this one turns out better than before, but so far I am loving the upgrades!

    Moral of the story: be persistent. Good things come from being polite on the phone and never backing down when you have reason to believe you've been wronged.
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    Oct 31, 2011
    Wow that's really great. I've always known Apple for good customer service but your case is above and beyond. Enjoy your new machine.
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    You were pretty lucky, have fun with your machine.

    Although I also think it depends on where you live, As I think in some countries they are less tight/strict with doing replacements than others.
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    In South Korea, customer service is terrible. It's probably because there are only Premium Resellers, rather than true Apple Stores. My Mac once died (13", I don't have it anymore) and it took months for them to replace the logic board.
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    Washington DC
    I went to the apple store in Washington DC, Georgetown, and with all my products I have always had a pretty reliable experience.

    For the sake of shortness I dumbed down my original post, but there were several other issues that lead to the full unit replacement. Here is the simplified tale of events

    1.Macbook pro crashed
    2. called apple–told to go to store
    3. go to store–had a "genius" who was horribly rude and condescending (he also horribly misdiagnosed the problem wasting almost 2 hours of time explaining to me why the issue was most certainly hard drive related)
    4. Called Customer service to file a complaint
    5. Was told I required a new logic board, ordered it, waited for repairs
    6. Called Applecare to say I was concerned about a second logic board replacement and that this was my 4th hardware replacement
    7. Laptop is given to me, the black lit keyboard is not plugged in
    8. Laptop crashes upon booting up–called apple care and reset smc and pram–still failed.
    9. brought laptop back to store–found out the back lit keyboard was a repair error
    10. Called "Dan" my applecare representative and refused to accept this repair as an adequate solution. Told him that apple sending me back a laptop that was unfinished is "embarrassing"
    11. Got the new unit.

    So while I wouldn't call it luck, I would say that I finally got in contact with someone who was very generous and agreed with what I was saying. If you ever have problems such as the one detailed, I would highly recommend pushing to speak with Customer Relations.
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    Feb 7, 2012
    My AppleCare Expieriance...

    Broken Down.

    1. Bought Macbook Pro 15" March 2010 Mid 2009, ehhhh:mad: (new models show up following month) :eek:
    2. Brought my MBP in for repair (faulty Harddrive) Sept 2010 Great:(
    3. Brought it in again in January 2011 Trackpad malfuntioning:eek:
    4. Brought it in again in Feb 2012 Because of Heat issue ran test "THEY" say it was fine, got it back All scratched up. I made a note of that.
    5. Get home notice more scratches and still has heat and graphic issues
    6. Feb 2011 TODAY Made another Appointment to fix the scratches while im in the store I call applecare and they request a logic Board change, a bottom panel replacement and a new glossy cinema display and housing. YEAH:D

    Pretty freaking sweet. But* the number of attempts and headaches are not worth it...My story will be continued because I still didnt get my MBP back hopefully it has the new 2011 LogicBoard since the housings for the MBP are the same from 2009 to 2011 minus the little thunderbolt insignia(wishful thinking). will update with pics. Wish I would have just gotten the replacement


    REP: "If the Unit is still faulty after this repair and you have to go in for another repair we will replace the Unit..."
    -well that kida blows the idea of them putting in a 2011 logic board, I think...:confused:

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